Ducati Panigale V2 2020 : a well deserved tribute

13 February 2020

The little-sister model takes its power and style cues from the V4. With an engine optimized to meet the Euro5 standard, an improved cycle section, and added electronics, the new Panigale V2 seeks to position itself as a sports bike offering an ideal balance of performance and accessibility.

In terms of accessibility, this is clearly proven in its specifications and size, with a slim silhouette, contained wheelbase, relatively low saddle for a sports bike (840 mm), and dry weight of 176 kg (200 kg full up). As for price, the new Panigale V2 is the most affordable high-end sports bike in the Ducati line.

A Diva’s Charm

The new V2 inherits the charm of the Panigale V4, following suit for most of its lines and colors. It also boasts high-end plastic material capable of attracting the most demanding customers. Finally, it features a magnificent aluminum single arm with an exhaust system that is more compact and integrated in its layout.

The engine has been upgraded as well to comply with the latest European emissions regulations. The two-cylinder engine has been completely transformed into the L Superquadro, which is not only cleaner, but more efficient and powerful. This latest version of the V2 generates 5 more horsepower and 1.5 lb-ft more torque for a total of 155 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and 76.4 lb-ft of torque; the results are comparable to the Euro3 era.

The electronics take a quantum leap forward thanks to a new 6-axis inertial control unit that manages 7 electronic control aids, all of which can be configured via the 13 cm colour TFT screen. The arsenal includes a 3-mode changeable map (Race, Sport, and Street), traction control (DTC EVO), anti-steer, engine brake management system (EBC EVO), up and down shift auto blipper, ABS that stays active while cornering, and stationary start assist.

A Well-Deserved Tribute

On the cycle side, very little has changed. Different suspension settings offer more comfort on the road, while the same excellent Brembo M4.32 calipers, 43-mm Showa BPF inverted forks, Sachs shock absorbers, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs are available.

The 959 is transformed to pay homage to a long line of Ducati sports bikes powered by 90-degree V-twin engines (L-twin engines for fans of the brand). The Panigale V2, as the last survivor of the line, continues the proud tradition of the Superquadro, the most charismatic twin-cylinder in the history of the Bolognese manufacturer.   

By Pascal Bastien