Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse: only 800 units

14 April 2021


Ducati has introduced a new model to its line of Scrambler motorcycles: the Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse, available in a limited edition. This one in particular has been designed as a result of the collaboration between Ducati Scrambler and the American clothing brand Fasthouse. The latter saw racer Jordan Graham win in the Hooligan class at the 2020 Mint 400 – the oldest and most renowned off-road race in America. Read on to learn more about the new Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse.

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse | Ducati Montreal

A look that speaks candidly of its legacy…

This Fasthouse model has been made available in just 800 units. Based on the 803cc Desert Sled Scrambler, it is actually the same bike, but outfitted with its own paint job that references the design of the bikes that competed in the Mint 400. The new Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse will appear in Canadian dealerships (as well as Ducati Montreal!) around May 2021 in a limited edition of 800 motorcycles. Predominantly black and gray, its color palette forms a geometric design on the tank, while the logos of Fasthouse and Ducati Scrambler perfectly complement one another. The Fasthouse model features a red frame, black front and rear mudguards, and every signature element of the Desert Sled “Land of Joy” bikes. Highlighting the design’s inspiration drawn from off-road models, it’s equipped with a chassis specifically designed for off-road use, a matching headlight grille, mudguards, and a skid plate.

Fasthouse : limited edition of the Scrambler Desert Sled

Unique performance features

The seat of the Ducati Scrambler Fasthouse has been custom-tailored for the rider with a slip-resistant saddle that sits 860mm high, an adjustable Kayaba suspension with 200mm of travel, and footrests with detachable rubber pads in the fashion of off-road models. It has 19” black spoked wheels on the front and 17” on the rear, fitted with Pirelli Scorpion™ Rally STR tires which offer the best of both worlds in off-road and street enduro performance.

Listen to the official episode of this bike on the Ducati Youtube channel here.

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Gabrielle Nadon