Ducati Scrambler Nightshift : nocturnal beauty

6 May 2021

A blend between a Track and Café Racer, this Scrambler Nightshift is going to replace the Full Throttle and Café Racer models in 2021. Like most 803cc Ducati Scrambler models, except for the Desert Sled, the Scrambler Nightshift is defined by a hybrid of several signature features cherished by the fans. In fact, it proudly wears the licence plate with the Full Throttle-inspired classic Scrambler Ducati logo, the 1100 Sport Pro’s amazing flat handlebars, the Café Racer’s handlebar side mirrors, as well as the 18″ front wheel and 17″ rear wheel.

However, the Scrambler Nightshift is the exclusive owner of new spoked rims and the flat two-seat saddle. You can purchase this model at your Ducati Montreal dealership starting at $13,595.

The Ducati Scrambler’s charm and appeal is embedded in its simplicity and this formula seems to have been successful for a number of years. You may wonder though: would this not make further product development more difficult? Will they decide to include higher-end components or even a technology suite with more features in the future? In the era of stricter emission standards, for how long can the air-cooled engine prove to be sustainable? For the time being, let’s just enjoy the Scrambler for what it is, because the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift will undoubtedly illuminate the streets with its classic Café Racer looks and a plethora of performance enhancements.

With the Nightshift, you’ll be able to fly in comfort and safety until dawn, all while maintaining a unique style thanks to premium LED front and rear lighting and a powerful and reliable L-twin engine. All in all, it is definitely a great choice! Whether it’s your first, second, or your spare bike (!), it’s the perfect entry into the Ducati family.