2019 Ducati Diavel 1260: Overview

25 March 2019

Ducati Montréal - Ducati Diavel 2019 - Prix Specs Moteur rive-nord Montréal

Nine years have passed since the launch of the very first Ducati Diavel. This power cruiser motorbike, combining elements of a sports model and a custom bike, upset the established rules governing style and behaviour. For 2019, Ducati rolls out a new generation of its Diavel: more powerful sportier, yet still true to its origins.

While this new model does in fact represent the spirit of the original model, it raises the bar to be more refined and powerful, especially thanks to modifications to the bike and its L-shaped twin-cylinder engine. The new Ducati Diavel 1260 borrows nothing less than the latest version of the 1262cc Testastretta, capable of delivering a whopping 159 hp combined with 95 Nm of torque. True to its original purpose, it is always at the ready when you want to ride, thanks to its Desmodromic Variable Timing (DVT) system, which makes its operation at low revs more stable. In addition, the riding position remains relaxed, just like the previous model, with footrest positioned comfortably in line with the seat edge and handlebars within easy reach, ensuring the rider is seated comfortably upright.

And when it comes to the ride, there are visible changes to the steering and bike stiffness, to ensure greater safety in cornering without losing stability. In addition, the increased ground clearance on this new generation will undoubtedly provide better leaning positions when cornering.

2019 Ducati Diavel 1260: sleek and sophisticated

This new edition has a more traditional style, thanks to its LED lighting system and headlight borrowed from the X-Diavel, as well as avant-garde turn signals comprised by LED strips. The fuel tank cover has also been modified to improve thigh ergonomics. The engine, which plays an important role in terms of style, features new, smaller casings and a redesigned 2-in-1 exhaust manifold that stands proud.

A more refined version of the Ducati Diavel 1260 − the 1260S − takes it to another level with its 48 mm fork and a fully adjustable top-of-the-line Öhlins shock absorber. The S model is equipped with brakes featuring Brembo M50 monobloc callipers, custom 3- and 8-inch wide rims and DQS quickshift gearing, which operates in both directions.

Electronic suite blasts into a new category

Last summer, a brief track test drive on the Ducati Panigale 1260 allowed me to experience just how exhilarating this engine really is. The power of the Testastretta 1260 L-twin cylinder explodes like a shotgun with each twist of the throttle. It goes without saying that this entire electronic suite monitors this engine to keep an eye on the performance. But don’t worry, this state-of-the-art electronics suite does not work “for you” but “with you.” It does not put a damper on your driving skills.

This is made possible by the six speed power plant of the Italian Panigale superbike, which includes three mapping modes, DWC Wheelie Control Evo, Ducati Traction Control, Power Launch Evo, keyless ignition system and cruise control. The 2019 Ducati Diavel 1260 also features Bosch 9.1 MP Cornering ABS Evo, the latest version that can be configured for 3 riding modes.

Like the other upmarket Ducati models, the Diavel boasts an instrument cluster with a TFT colour display. In addition to the traditional information, the monitor displays the different engine power modes and electronic control assistance parameters. The dashboard also includes Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your phone and take advantage of the associated two-way features.

The new 2019 Ducati Diavel 1260 is already impressive from a statistical standpoint, with a sleek design that allows Ducati and its enthusiastic followers to stand out from the crowd of stereotyped cruisers. It is a breed apart, a breed that seeks to quench our thirst for excitement. Motos Illimitées will be presenting the superb Ducati Diavel 1260 shortly, during the inauguration of its new store: Ducati Montreal.

– By Pascal Bastien